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We need YOUR help to change girls’ lives!

These girls opened up their hearts to share their stories with us, and we believe that deserves a reward. That’s why we need YOUR help to pick the winners of the Girls’ Voices for Change Contest. Watch their stories below, vote for a girl in each category, and change her life with prizes up to $1,000.

Remember to come back tomorrow — you can vote every day until October 7th. That’s a lot of chances to change lives!

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My Story
We asked girls to share their lives with us—their triumphs, obstacles, and dreams. The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship to pursue further education or vocational training.
We want to see girls’ ideas for change. We asked them to show us their vision for a more equal world for girls, what they want to do for their community, or what they’re already doing to better their communities. The winner will receive a $1,000 grant and mentorship to implement her community project.
Style and Culture
We asked girls to show us how their local art, style, crafts, and fashion bring their cultures to life. We’re celebrating the unique creativity, design, and expression around the world through these stories. The winner will receive $1,000 to further her education or create a community arts project.
In a series of photographs, we asked girls to show us their world, what inspires them, and what makes their community unique. The winner will receive a $500 scholarship to pursue education or vocational training.

Our Panel of Judges

While you’re voting for the Audience Choice Awards, our panel of judges will choose their own picks for the Judge’s Awards. The Judge’s Awards include prizes of up to $1,500. Our judges include Tejaswini Marathe, the head developer of Alexa at Amazon, Lisa Quintana and Cristina Esteras from Netflix Latin America, Teen Wolf actor Victoria Moroles, and many more female powerhouses! Read all about them here.

More About Girls’ Voices for Change

Girls’ Voices for Change is a global media contest that asks young women (aged 13 to 20) to share their vision for a more empowered future for girls and women everywhere.

Girls globally face unique obstacles - from being denied an education, to discrimination, to physical endangerment, to feeling afraid to express themselves. We ask girls to share these barriers, their stories of triumph, their creativity, and their ideas for change with us.

Our panel of judges, along with the public, will vote to choose the winners, who will receive funding to help them further their education and implement their ideas in their communities. No girl gets left behind - each participant will also receive scholarship funding to help her go to school.

View our 2018 winners here!

Contest Rules